Mongolian Archery: the inspiration

The past few months have seen me and mine engaged in a long-distance viewing of Marco Polo on Netflix as a group. It’s an immensely beautiful show with some seriously good plot points and just amazing acting, scenery/set design and costuming (oh, the costuming!). So when my live in sweetie suggested going to a Mongolian Archery workshop as a Valentine’s Day present, I of course jumped at the chance. I’d done archery of the strictly recurve, European kind as a kid, but this was to be something completely different.  I love workshops like this and this one in particular fit my rhythms very well: Up at 8, breakfast at the hotel, on The Farm for meditation, then shooting, then tea time, then more shooting, then lunch, then lecture, then shooting, tea time, shooting and dinner followed by another lecture, then retreating back to Jaap‘s (of Yumi Bows) beautiful house for beer and talking about archery, Chinese history, philosophy, tulip cultivation and just about everything else.

I was sad to leave but I am filled with an idea for an act, sprung fully formed into my mind while I was helping pull arrows out of the 26m targets, that will hopefully incorporate and share the beauty and skill I found this weekend in the middle of a pinewood forest, listening to the soft twang of a bowstring and feeling the joy as an arrow flew truly to its target.


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